Frequently Asked Questions

The Basics


What makes CIRCLE so special?

CIRCLE Cloud Communications is huge network built nationwide in Japan. The CIRCLE Cloud Coms service is used by millions of users in Europe. It is a geo-redundant system that is in use by telecommunications companies all over the world.

Geo-redundant means your service will never go down. If a problem happens in our Osaka data center, users are automatically routed to Tokyo for example. The service is always on.

Where is the data kept?

All data for your organization is in Japan. Video services do sometimes use servers outside of Japan for video conferencing, however no personally identifiable information is stored outside the Japan datacenters.

How secure is your cloud phone service?

After device has encrypted TLS connections that are secured. Our TLS is also GDPR compliant according to European standards.

What’s the difference between between CIRCLE and Skype for business?

Skype for Business is a limited service by Microsoft. It does not have the routing, and contact center features of CIRCLE Cloud Communications. CIRCLE can completely replace the PBX in your premise just as the email service is probably also in the cloud somewhere.

Why do I sometimes have bad voice quality with cloud IP phones?

When your ISP is slow or unreliable, your phone is the quickest way to discover the trouble because the sounds will become choppy or digital sounding. When people are browsing the web, they don’t usually complain as easily because they don’t notice as quickly. The web pages just load much slower.

Is CIRCLE Cloud Communications cheaper than NTT, Softbank, and KDDI?

Yes, CIRCLE Cloud Communications has multiple data centers that gave you great pricing, but better yet are more reliable than any other service.

Are “best effort” internet service providers good for cloud phones?

If you are 1-2 users, you may be fine with best effort internet. However, companies that rely on their phones are recommended to do.

Is CIRCLE Cloud Communications based on open source systems?

No. CIRCLE geo-redundant data centers are centered on Mitel’s Telepo carrier software that is developed in Europe and supporting millions of users around the world.

Free phone systems require huge development teams and are constantly open to being hacked as many small companies use the software to save money. CIRCLE Cloud Coms takes away the worry of your CSP (communications service provider) from going down, freezing, or getting compromised by cyber attackers.

What is a CSP?

A CSP is a communications service provider otherwise known as company that provides telephone, chat, email, video, and other services that allow people to communicate.

Do we need to have more than one phone number for our company?

No, you can use one number for a whole group of people. You do need to have an extension license for every user on a Softphone or Mobile App.


CIRCLE services

How many devices can I use with my extension?

Some people have CIRCLE set up as a Deskphone, Mobile app (Google Android or Apple iPhone), and Softphone (Windows or Mac).

What smartphones are compatible with CIRCLE Cloud Communications?

Most people are using Apple iPhones or Google Android. We recommend buying a known brand if you’re going to use Android.

Can our employees use CIRCLE on their personal smartphones?

Yes, you can enable the app on any device you would like to give them access to. They can use it on personal or company smartphones or both. You can also use the DECT phone as an alternative for the mobile app. Many of our clients who do retail prefer the DECT phone for their stores.

Can I put my hotel on the CIRCLE cloud phone service?

Yes! CIRCLE Hospitality is the only service that will connect your hotel PMS systems and phones to the cloud. Hotel owners and operators can eliminate costs of telephone lines and monthly maintenance costs from manufacturers and PBX resellers.

Do the mobile apps work in other languages?

Yes! You can use our apps on a user by user basis. Typically, people choose Japanese or English.

Do you have call center or contact center solutions?

Yes, CIRCLE Cloud Communications Contact Center allows you to quickly roll out a customer service team and capture real time and historical reports. You can know how many calls received, missed, answered, and even make decisions on how to staff your customer service team. You can also use the call recording feature. There is limited service now with nationwide roll-out on May 1st 2018.

Does CIRCLE Cloud Coms integrate with

Yes, your team can make and receive calls from and register that call and provide a screen pop for your players to type comments about the call. Many companies use this for customer service as well as sales teams and business development.

What other CRMs does CIRCLE Integrate with?

CIRCLE Cloud Coms offers a very open API (applications programming interface). That means that besides the usual, SugarCRM, Oracle, Zoho, and others, we have many partner clients who have connected their CRM and ERP systems to the service.

Does CIRCLE have a fax service?

Yes! Many CIRCLE partners requested fax service! You can use your regular fax machine or you can fax via email or even through a browser.

QuickFAX is the fax service of CIRCLE Cloud Communications. We had no intention of building a fax service but when rolling out iPBX Classic in 2012 however we listen to our partner clients. Many wanted to send and receive facsimile messages. In response, we rolled out QuickFax that gives people three ways to send and receive fax messages.

Can I receive multiple faxes at the same time with CIRCLE?

Yes! QuickFAX messages come into the CIRCLE datacenter which is able to receive multiple faxes at the same time.

Besides phone calls, what else can the CIRCLE mobile apps do?

CIRCLE can give you secure chat, doc sharing, project action lists/to-dos, and video conferencing with anyone with a camera-enabled smartphone or laptop. With the CIRCLE mobile app, there are many more features that you can view from here.

Is the CIRCLE Softphone the same on both Mac and Windows?

Yes, there are some users using it on both operating systems. You can use your extension on any device that you are licensed for.

Can I receive more than one phone call at once on my direct line?

Typically, business users do not want to give their customers dial tone. By default, CIRCLE is usually configured to either ring a second button on the phone. You can do a lot of customization in this area.

Do we need to have phones in our hotel guest rooms?

No. CIRCLE Cloud Communications can give you room phones. However, recently we are integrating with smartphone or tablet apps and can eliminate the room phones completely.

Does CIRCLE Hospitality hotel service have room phones?

Yes, with our cloud hospitality we have phones for the desk, the bedstand, and even bathroom in any hotel.



What kind of phone brands can I use with your service?

We can use pretty much any SIP phone with our service. However, in order to be able to provide the best support we have standardized on Mitel and Snom Phones.

Can I use Polycom phones with your service?

We support Snom phones and Mitel phones. If you have more than 100 Polycom phones, please let us know.

Do I need to buy a phone to use CIRCLE?

No. Many people are using the Softphone and Mobile apps. However, for operations, general affairs, and human resource divisions of companies many people like to have desk phones.

Do I need to install any hardware at my office?

No. Most businesses can run CIRCLE completely via the cloud. A reliable internet is all you need. The number of users will typically help you decide which internet service to select.

Can I use cordless phones with the cloud?

Yes! Many retail stores prefer the cordless phone options otherwise known as DECT phones.

Who is Snom and why do you use Snom phones with CIRCLE Cloud Communications?

Snom is the first to market in the world for IP phones (phones were digital and analog before that) from Berlin, Germany. AINEO worked with Snom to quickly localize these high quality business phones in Japanese. They also support most other languages.

Can I use YeaLink Phones on CIRCLE Cloud Phone Service?

We do have several hundred users on CIRCLE Classic but typically do not roll out YeaLink phones.

Can I use the PBX phones I already have?

Most telephone PBX systems have proprietary hardware and software. If it’s a system installed at your premise it is likely old and not open standard.


Onboarding & Installation

Can I keep my existing number?

Yes, in most cases you can. There are instances where certain numbers cannot be ported to our service. We have figured out how to use most existing numbers but we cannot promise 100% until we check your number.

Is it better to use an CIRCLE Phone Number?

Yes, by using an CIRCLE telephone number you eliminate some of the red tape that local carriers sometimes have. You can use CIRCLE numbers anywhere in Japan or around the world.

What numbers does CIRCLE cover?

The numbers available continues to increase. We try to port any numbers you have. However, the numbers available from CIRCLE service are 03, 06, 052, 050, 072, 045 and many others. CIRCLE also can port toll-free numbers.

How long does it take to install your cloud phones?

If you go with Softphones (Mac or Windows apps) or the Mobile Apps, you can be up in running in a number of hours. Typically the set up various based on the size of your organization.

Why do I have to show my corporate registration to use the service?

Phone numbers convey an identity and reputation. Sadly, some use phones to hassle or do other unethical things. CIRCLE partner clients must be reputable and we are required to verify who is using our service.


Service Agreement & Cancellation

Can I cancel my service contract at any time?

CIRCLE Cloud Communications is designed to be cost effective and reliable. There is an initial set up charge that doesn’t really cover the costs. Therefore, if an organization wants to cancel their service with the first year, they will need to pay any remaining months for that year. After the first year, cancellations can be done anytime with 1 month notice.

Can I port my CIRCLE Number to another service?

No, CIRCLE numbers cannot be ported to other services. There are service restrictions, regulatory, and other reasons but CIRCLE phone numbers can only be used on the global CIRCLE Cloud Communications Network.

If I cancel my service, can I keep the phones?

Most companies currently purchase the phones. In that case, you can keep purchased phone. Recently, there has been an increase in phone rentals.


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