Become a Sales Partner

Just as the mail server has gone to the cloud, so has the telephone.

CIRCLE has had tens of thousands of users sign up since rolling out iPBX Classic in 2012.

However, your company may also sell CIRCLE once you become a Sales Partner.

Some sales partners of CIRCLE are in the following industries:

• Telecom service providers/carriers
• System integrators
• Architectural firms
• Real estate companies
• Project management organizations
• PBX service companies
• Trading companies
• Recruiting firms
• Individuals

If you are interested in adding cloud communications to your product portfolio, please contact the bright, quick, and flexible team at CIRCLE.

You can sell CIRCLE as it is branded or you can sell your own private label version that matches with your company.

We’re here to help you grow your business and our people will walk you through this exciting process.

Are you ready to leverage your resources and become a Sales Partner?

Frequently Asked Questions for Sales Partners

Can I resell CIRCLE?

Yes. The AINEO team will help you sell Japan’s fastest growing phone service to your clients. Alternatively, you can just introduce your clients and ask CIRCLE to service them. Please contact us and we can find the best way for you to sell.

Can I sell CIRCLE Cloud Communications as my own brand?

Yes! We are happy to help you sell Japan’s fastest growing cloud phone services to your clients! We can help you brand everything in your name.

Will CIRCLE contact my clients?

No. We only contact if you have asked us to. Keeping promises is very important to us.

Can I invoice my clients?

Yes, you can invoice your clients. However, you will have to do it manually. We are working on a SP Portal (Sales Partner Portal), that allows you to sell and service your clients directly. If you think you will have some sales volume, you can invoice directly.

Can I make more money selling a PBX or traditional telephone system?

Yes, PBX systems are more important. However, by selling hardware and software to your client you are breaking the trust as they will think you are overselling or overcharging. We are in the CLOUD generation!

Why should I sell CIRCLE Cloud Communications?

Selling CIRCLE Cloud Communications gives you a chance to talk more with your clients. You can sell them IT support and administer their communications (phone, chat, video, email).

Are there various options for selling CIRCLE Cloud phone services?

Sales Partners have three ways to sell. They are:

• Introduction Partner
• Sales Partner
• White Label Partner

White label partners can have CIRCLE Communications Coms branded with their company name logo and other details.

Will AINEO support our sales team with joint visits to our clients?

Absolutely! We are here to make you a success. When you succeed, we succeed!

Will CIRCLE approach our clients?

No one from AINEO or CIRCLE will ever take your clients. We have been distributing products and services in Asia since 1997. Our sales partners are one of our most important assets. Our relationship with you is priority number one.

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