What our customers say about us

“All the trouble we had with the local as well as the EU based company disappeared. IPBX team people didn’t just come throw in a system. This showed that bright, quick, and flexible mantra they have and came in and listened to what we needed.”

“The staff uses iPBX to communicate with each other and all employees have a softphone on their computer and/or smartphone. This allows them to make or take calls from clients or users at any location. The freedom that it gives us is fantastic.”

“The iPBX installation was quick and easy, they gave us training on site, and helped us customize the system for our business. “

Through the Softphone app, we are able to phone calls with superior quality even while overseas, even being able to use the transfer settings with no problems.

“… thanks to the iPBX Hosting, the extension became free, so it became possible to make a call without worrying about the charge.


“When our on premise PBX blew up we were in a tight spot.The folks at iPBX Hosting quickly installed our cloud system over the weekend just in time for work on Monday.”

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