The World’s Most Powerful Sales Tool

The World’s Most Powerful Sales Tool

The World’s Most Powerful Sales Tool

No matter how good the product, if it doesn’t sell, it won’t have much influence.  It may end up at the bottom of a trash bin.  Some companies succeed because they have a fantastic product, but others fail despite how great their product really is.  Many great products and services die due to one thing, lack of sales.  Does anyone remember the Apple Newton?

Sales are the key to the expansion of any brand.  Coke is certainly not still in business because it’s healthy.  Coca-Cola has been around for 100 years because they know how to market and sell. What makes the difference in sales?  What is the most powerful sales tool?

Reaching Your Clients

The most powerful sales tool isn’t email nor is it newsletters (or meru maga as we say in Japanese).  People get too many emails and have too much information (TMI) to really read through emails.  Sales volumes do not come just from marketing on the internet for most products and services.  Of course, print advertising in magazines, billboards, advertisements in trains, buses and other public transport areas, such as stations and airports, bring brand awareness no doubt. However, the is also a ‘billboard blindness’ that sets in when site is overpopulated with information causing people to block out the adverts that surround them in these public places.  How can we reach our clients?

The Most Powerful Sales Tool

The most powerful sales tool you can use to reach your clients is your phone.  The phone is better than any other medium for several reasons.  They are

  • The phone connects you with your client real-time
  • Calling coveys your passion for your product/service like no other communication
  • Talking directly to your client elicits a response.

At AINEO, we believe in the phones so much that we have built the most advanced cloud phone service in the nation to talk anytime, anywhere you like.

We’ll be sharing more on how to be a great sales representative on the phone.  Please check back on the Insights Blog.

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