Why You Should Record All Your Company’s Phone Calls?

Why You Should Record All Your Company’s Phone Calls?

When it comes to recording a phone call you think of some government agency trying to listen in on a conversation of arms dealers or drug lords to make a sting and arrest the criminals. However, recording conversations is a very common practice for any business that has a contact center (AKAS call center) to interact with their clients or distributors. There are some very valid reasons for recording voice communications.

What are some of real reasons for recording all your phone calls?

  • To protect your company from fraud
  • For training your employees
  • To convert your conversations to searchable text using transcription
  • To take better care of your customers

The best way to illustrate the beauty of voice recording is in examples. Most companies archive all their users’ email, so recording interactions should not be such a foreign concept.

On iPBX Circle cloud communications service, users in the recruiting and staffing industry want to record their sales team’s interactions so they can train their staff on how to deal better with the candidates they are trying to approach as well as the clients they are wanting to introduce candidates to.

Supervisors in the customer services team on the iPBX Circle cloud want to be able to record their CSRs (customer service representatives) talks with their clients. The CSRs are supporting consumer electronics, camping equipment, selling airline tickets, making reservations, and dealing with other business transactions. They need coaching as they begin their jobs as well as get training “refresher” courses.

Government agencies as well as the travel industry on iPBX Circle benefit from voice recording in protecting their organizations. Recording allows an organization to track, analyze, and archive any threats or potential trouble points.

There are many modes of communications in business these days. Email, chat, video, and voice communications. Only video and voice reveal the true feelings and intensions of a business interaction.

Should your company record all of your phone calls? Absolutely! The more you know about your business, the more of a difference you can make with your team and clients!

iPBX Hosting, is a Japan-based geo-redundant cloud-based communications (phone, chat, video) service that is second to none in North Asia. After many requests from our partner clients, we have developed a voice recording option for those partners who would like to record their organizations’ interactions. The iPBX team has been testing the solution and are pleased to announce our new service will be fully available to all iPBX partner clients from 1 June!

Please contact your iPBX Sales Partner or account manager to find out more.

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