Why Would You Give Away Your Apple Watch?

Why Would You Give Away Your Apple Watch?

Apple is a computer company, a software company, and a huge marketing company.  Years ago, Apple was the underdog.  They were always fighting to keep up with Microsoft financially and in fact were one time, receiving money from Microsoft to survive.  However, with the success of the iPod and later the iPhone, Apple has gone from underdog to overlord.  Now, Apple tells us what is cool in computing, software, music, and video, and expects us to just swallow their products and marketing, hook line and sinker.

Although Apple is still a great company, their so-called ‘overlord’ status has been unraveling.   The Apple Watch is one indicator of the unraveling of Apple’s creative marketing leadership.  Despite it’s sales volume success, the watch is a flop as a product.  The ‘cult of Apple f’ans are still wearing some units around.  Others continue to wear the watch, despite it’s daily charging requirement, because they spent so much money on the Apple device they don’t want to feel like they wasted their cash.

We bought one Apple watch to test and were given a nice stainless unit by a friend.  In the end, we gave both of them away.  Why?  Here’s why we gave away our Apple watches.

  • Doesn’t tell the time.
  • Battery dies after one day
  • Ugly boxy design that sticks out on wrist
  • Fitness apps not quite there with no altimeters or functions that other brands have
  • Overpriced

If you are thinking to buy an Apple watch.  Think again.  It is neither a good watch or a good fitness tracker.  Better choices would be a Fitbit Charge 2 or Garmin’s Vivoactive 3 or Fenics series watches.  Garmin’s watches are not perfect and not as pretty as display as the Apple watch but the display is always on, the activity tracking is better, and the battery lasts nearly the whole work weak depending on how active you are.

Apple is a great company.  We hope they will wake up and be innovative again, but the only thing that seems to go up at Apple is prices on products.  This apparent over-confidence is even driving some hardcore macOS users to Windows 10.

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