Which Smartphone is Better iPhone 6 Plus Vs. iPhone 6?

Which Smartphone is Better iPhone 6 Plus Vs. iPhone 6?


With the incredible popularity of the iPhone in it’s 6th version, many people ask our team of high technologists which phone is better, iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus. If you really want to answer that question the best thing you can do is use the products. That is definitely what Apple wants you to do.

At AINEO, we offer cloud phone apps, business email, and virtual desktop (coming soon). For this technology firm, we want to see our service running on any device so we bought both the iPhone 6 as well as the iPhone 6 Plus. We used each device for a month and believe we have some good feedback for you.

iPhone 6

The new phone is wonderful. Of course, the sales point is always the same, higher specifications. For Apple it seems like the point is

Faster CPU
Bigger Display
Thinner Profile

For the iPhone 6, Apple has definitely attained the above changes from the iPhone 5s. Is it worth buying a iPhone 6 if you have an iPhone 5s. We would say, no. Save your money. If you are on a 4s or can get a subsidized phone then maybe worth the $100+ or so you would pay.

The iPhone 6 is a nice smartphone, with a big display, but if you are one of those types that gets the belt case, you will find yourself walking around with what seems to be a little shield on your side. If you’re just pocketing the device after use, then it’s fine for size.

What about the iPhone 6 Plus?

iPhone 6 Plus

The Plus is a nice device as well. It is clearly a copy of Samsung’s Note device. When it came out we were concerned about Apple losing it’s touch with innovation as they were just copying a copier (Samsung). However, after using the Plus, you find it is a wonderful device. At AINEO, we have a number of iPad Mini tablets that we carry. The Plus is a nice replacement of an iPhone and an iPad. However, for most users the iPhone Plus is just too big. It’s okay if you wear a suit during the week, but on the weekend it is just too big to get into your pocket. For ladies it could be okay as a purse phone, but if you’re carrying your phone to talk with people it is too much.

As with all the other iPhones, we were able to use all of our cloud service offerings nationwide and internationally as well. For us, we didn’t really notice the better cameras and the new gyro type sensors in the 6 class.


Our conclusion is the iPhone 5s is more than sufficient for most smartphone users. If you’re trying to decide between an iPhone 6 and a 6 Plus, you will have no regrets going with a 6. One of our Apple engineers commented that he noticed that 6 Plus users always seemed to take their phones out and put them on the table in meetings. His conclusion is that the Plus is just too big, we tend to agree.

Please let us know if you have any questions or comments here. Quickerweb.com business email and iPBX Hosting apps look great on both phones.


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