When Is It Time To Change Phone Service For Your Business?

When Is It Time To Change Phone Service For Your Business?

If someone is recommending that you buy a telephone system, you should tell them to let go of the past.  Everything is going to the cloud.  Google, Twitter, Facebook, Merukari, Yahoo, Oishix, Yayoi, and thousands of other business services are run via the internet and cloud.  That includes cloud phone systems in Japan.  You can select companies based on price alone as you are going to be stuck with their phone numbers.
Japan has a lot of little companies selling cloud phones based on open source or freeware systems.  It seems nearly every day there are new services being announced, but how long they will last?  
Before, the team at CIRCLE was busy moving people from the business phone system installed in the office (the PBX) to the cloud.  Recently, we are moving hundreds of users each month.  Many of them are from another cloud PBX to CIRCLE Cloud Communications.  
When is it time to change to CIRCLE?

  • If your provider changes or ends their service
  • If your have a lot of quality issues with the mobile apps that go unaddressed
  • When the company website is not being updated regularly 
  • If the apps are not syncing chat, voice, and video data between your mobile, soft phone, and desktop phones

Rather than wait for trouble to come, change your cloud PBX service provider NOW and hedge against trouble that may hurt your business.

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