What’s the Difference Between iPBX Circle and Classic iBPX?

What’s the Difference Between iPBX Circle and Classic iBPX?

What’s the Difference Between iPBX Circle and Classic iBPX?

If someone is trying to sell you a phone system to install in your office, please be sure to run from them.  These days, that is a complete waste of money.  Everything is going to IP, that is internet protocol.  Security cameras, printers, televisions, cameras, video production, cars, refrigerators, and nearly everything else you can thing of.  Everything connected has a new term, it’s called internet of things or IoT.

A phone system installed in your local office is a risk and cost to your organization.  If it goes down you lose your communications to the outside world, namely your customers.  In most cases that means you lose reputation, money, or both.  A phone system installed in your office is also expensive because you have to pay a monthly fee for telephone lines as well as maintenance and support fees to a supplier.  Smart professionals are putting their phones in the cloud.

The Beginning

iPBX Hosting was started by AINEO Networks in 2012 but running for the AINEO team back in 2011.  iPBX Classic is the original iPBX platform with the convenient mobile app that allows users to use the business phone anywhere and anytime.  iPBX Classic is popular and still in use today.

Get In The Circle

iPBX Circle is the next generation collaboration cloud from iPBX Hosting.  Not only does it have the full features of the phone system in the cloud and the mobile app, it also has other ways to communicate.  It is called Circle because iPBX Circle allows you to

  • Call like iPBX Classic
  • Chat with your team mates in a group or as individuals
  • Run projects and collaborate
  • Store documents, share, and collaborate on documents for your business
  • Video Conference with individuals or groups of anyone that has a phone or computer with a camera
  • Many other features

iPBX Circle is all about collaboration.  If you’re using iPBX Classic, you can easily migrate to iPBX Circle.  If you’re not using either, it’s time to get on Japan’s fastest growing cloud phone service.  Drop us a line, we would be happy to talk with you! Click here to contact us.


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