What Does ‘Mobile First’ Mean For Your Business?

What Does ‘Mobile First’ Mean For Your Business?

At many conferences and corporate events people talk about ‘mobile first’.  Every day we see our reliance on our smart phones rise as the power of our devices approaches the processing power of our desktop and laptop computers.  More and more useful apps come out.  However, what exactly is mobile first?  The terminology means different things to different people. More importantly, we must remember the meaning of mobile first varies from company to company.

At iPBX Hosting (and the whole AINEO group), we have a clear vision of mobile first.  Mobility is built into our products and services.  For example, to us mobile first means the ability to do everything you do on your laptop on your mobile device.  That means smartphone, but it also means tablet computer as well.

For example, with iPBX Hosting, we have two offerings, iPBX Classic and iPBX Circle.  The Circle version allows you to collaborate with your team as well as people outside your organization.  For example, with the iPBX Circle app, you can do everything you can do on your desktop in the office on your laptop, tablet, or smartphone.  What does that mean?

  • Call your team or clients from the Circle app on Windows, macOS, iOS, or Android
  • Chat with your co-workers or create a project team
  • Share documents with the team for your company pricing, announcements, presentations, or whatever else you like
  • Build a project or what we call in Circle, a ‘stream’ that allows you to get things done (GTD) for system upgrades, marketing campaigns, office moves, or any other project your team needs to get done.
  • Wrap it all together with a video conference.  Those participants with no camera can participate via audio only (Do these people exist?)

With mobile first on iPBX Circle, your team is unleashed to achieve the goals of your company.   We’re living in a very competitive world.  Being a company that communicates well is key to winning business and growth.  Contact us today for a demo on how to help your team communicate more effectively.

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