We’re back in the office

We’re back in the office

The AINEO team is back in the office and rocking with CIRCLE Cloud Communications. We sell cloud-based phone services that provide chat and video to our partners. We can work from anywhere. Why are we in the office?

After weeks of daily check in meetings in the AM and PM, countless video meetings, and being bombarded by negative news from the media, our leadership team decided it was time to end work from home.

We’ve found that in Japan, there are two groups of people. Those who are concerned and wanting to be at home, and those who want to move past all the daily infection rate counts, and shifting opinions.

It all started with a couple of engineers. The government was recommending that those who could stay home do so, we did. But some players saw the benefits of working in a beautiful office with printers in reach, dual displays, restaurants nearby, and a few team mates to talk to. It’s hard to beat having a great team.

The wuhan corona virus has been an experience no doubt. We’ll share with you why we decided it was time to head back to our offices before the others in a few days. Why would a team that sells and support our own integrated phone, video and chat service to thousands across Japan not want to work from home? We work from anywhere.

Stay turned for more on what we learned from work from home. If you need help with Japan’s fastest growing VoIP service, never fear, the CIRCLE TEAM ARE HERE!

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