We Hit 12 Million!

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We Hit 12 Million!

On November 2nd, while doing maintenance in the middle of the night, our data center teams discovered an amazing statistic.  Users on the iPBX Hosting Cloud phone service made and received over 12 million phone calls on our platform nationwide! That’s not including any chat, video conferences, or document sharing. Just phone calls.  Amazing!


Putting it into perspective, if you were to take 1,000,000 coins and toss one coin off the Tokyo SkyTree every second day and night without resting, you would be there for over 1 year.  1 million is an amazing number, but 12 million fantastic!


It has not been easy transitioning to the cloud as tens of thousands of people are reliant on your systems nationwide 24 hours a day.  However, we are ecstatic about hitting 12 million phone calls!  We are happy to be a foundation of so many businesses and organizations around Japan.  We believe that smart businesses recognize cost, reliability, and future expansion are important in communications technology.  The PBX may be dead, but that does not deny the power of a phone call in business.


Thank you to AINEO partner clients and sales partners for making iPBX Hosting Japan’s quickest growing cloud phone service!  You truly rock!

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