Wasteful telephone charges

Wasteful telephone charges

As we’ve been called to help our customers more frequently recently, we look at their receipts for their calls. The surprising thing is that they’re paying for unnecessary options and unused lines. When looking at the overall cost of this, it can cost from around a few thousand yen to a few hundred thousand. Our company looks through each thing, determining whether you are paying for only the things you need. By looking at the equipment that is actually being used, we can make these things clear.

Listening to their stories, you hear about how the person in charge is never there, they changed, or management is disorganized. This problem is not limited to just one type of company but is a problem that plagues a large variety of companies. Unrelated to whether you choose to use or not use our cloud service, we welcome offers to look at your costs for calls to determine whether or not you are only getting the things you need, with no extra costs.

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