Use the cloud as your every typhoon, earthquake, and BCP solution

Use the cloud as your every typhoon, earthquake, and BCP solution

Riding the train in the morning rush was a big ordeal. It was a good thing if I could even get to the company at all, even if I was late. During the 3/11 earthquake, trains would run on schedules with calculated black outs, with suddenly different destinations. If I think about it, the stoplights and even the elevator wouldn’t even work making it even harder to work. It was necessary in times like these to have PBX on our Legacy phones. If that PBX system was stopped, then obviously the phones wouldn’t work. In those times when it was almost impossible to show up for work, you couldn’t just take the pBX or change the settings with any ease as well.

That’s where the cloud PBX becomes so handy. All the settings on the phone and PBX is stored in the cloud, which makes any office blackout or inaccessibility no big deal. With no one in the office, you can still use your company phone number or direct number from your smartphone, or even take one phone machine, plug it in to a LAN cable connected to the internet, and use a 03 Tokyo number.

Consider cloud PBX as your BCP solution today!


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