iPBX- Japan’s top Phone Service in Israel

iPBX- Japan’s top Phone Service in Israel

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Many things make AINEO’s iPBX cloud phone service the choice for business phones in Japan. The service is Japan’s only service founded by management from Alexander Graham Bell’s famous company AT&T. iPBX works whenever and wherever you need it, whether you are in highly efficient Tokyo, the Silicon valley, traveling to various meetings, or even vacationing somewhere in the world.

Recently one of the AINEO team went to Israel for meetings with several technology and development companies. Every major company has some type of research and development presence in Israel. One trip down an Israeli highway will show you buildings with the logos of global leading companies such as Unilever, Google, Apple, Teva, and many others. Away from business, any history buff knows that Israel is a part of what many believe is the cradle of ancient civilization. Not passing up a weekend in the historically and archeologically rich country proved very productive. With the use of AINEO’s iPBX service, there is no reason to give up high-speed connectivity despite being far from Japan.

To help our employee stay connected, we purchased a prepaid SIM card to run in an unlocked American iPhone 6. It was a cinch. Then basically mail, internet, and our iPBX cloud direct number from Japan worked flawlessly. This meant that while traveling around the Middle East, our team member was able to make and receive calls as if they were sitting in Japan. It was possible to conference call, transfer calls and even schedule meetings while on the fly in Jerusalem.

It is amazing to be 6 hours and nearly 9,200 km away from Japan and still be able to operate seamlessly.

If you get a chance to go to Israel for business, definitely make some time to enjoy the rich history of the area. Do it with an iPBX App and you’ll always be connected.


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