Should You Use A Designer Or Architect For Your New Office?

Should You Use A Designer Or Architect For Your New Office?

At iPBX Hosting, we are in the office from 915AM to 615PM or later.  We want Japan’s fastest growing VoIP Cloud PBX phone service to have the best support as well.  Thanks to hundreds of people joining the service each month, iPBX Hosting team is having to expand.  Expanded team means we need more office space required in our office.    We spent a lot of time in our workplace, so it’s important.
As we have great relationships with many office companies, we tried to use the famous big companies for our office space.  In Japan, Okamura and Kokuyo are well-known for making furniture and having a full catalog of products for the office.  Our team initially tried to work with these companies to get proposals for the new office.  Although they are fantastic companies that we have known for years, we learned a valuable experience for ourselves after asking a very important question.


Should You Use A Designer Or Architect For Any New Office?

We are a tech trading company so the products, whether it be software or hardware, must be thought out.  When you are doing software development, just letting a software person runoff in the wrong direction for their work for a half day will likely end up with a completely different product.
If a company is serious about having a nice place to work.  You must think it out.  What’s the answer to the question?  Yes, you should use an experienced architect or designer to do your corporate build out.  Furniture companies are happy to do office layouts of chairs, tables, walls, and everything else.  In our experience with the furniture companies, we found
  • Your office will tend to turn out like a showroom for them as they specify their goods for every corner
  • They do not really think about how you work in laying out space
For example, one of the furniture companies laid out a large conference room with their chairs, large tables, and walls.  We discovered that with just one person sitting on each side of the six-person table, there was not enough space for anyone to move around the room.


What A Good Designer Will Do

When you are a planning a facility, a designer is KEY to making a great place for your team to work
  • They will interview you and your team to learn about how you work
  • Will look at the current office, processes, and operations
  • A designer brings experience (depending on how old the firm is) as to what works in the new building and what is just a quickly fading trend
  • A design architect should add a creative element to give you a well thought out workspace
For our Tokyo office, AINEO selected Berthier Associates.  Our first motivation was that they have introduced partner clients to iPBX Hosting.  Although they are not a sales partner, we greatly appreciate them letting their clients know about Japan’s fastest growing cloud phone service.  The other reason was the design architect visited the new office site and looked at the facility before they gave any recommendation on a new workspace.  
The furniture companies seem very keen to sell furniture but less interested in design.  Whereas, most of us tend to shy away from designers due to our impression of high costs.  The key is finding a designer and architect who understands your goals as well as your budget.

If you are thinking of moving, definitely avoid just using furniture companies or project management companies.  Get someone who has a passion for the workspace and understands your business.  We’re certainly glad we did @ AINEO, the holding company of iPBX Hosting.

Don’t forget, we’re in the cloud generation.  Don’t buy servers and telephone systems (PBX).

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