Time To Take Off That Silly Face Mask

Time To Take Off That Silly Face Mask

If you’re going to wear a mask, wear something fun!

It’s summer and the pain inflicted on us by the virus, some governments, and pharma companies seems to be coming to an end. Recent visits to New York, London, and Paris have shown us that the world has moved on from the burdens the ‘virus’ has put on businesses and families alike. (Sadly, we saw an increase in suicides in Japan due to the isolation people experienced). On those trips, an occasional New Yorker was wearing a mask in May (1 in 100), but in London and Paris you could not find a soul still covering their face.

In Japan, the story is quite different. Due to heavy peer pressure people are still wearing masks in nearly 40 degree weather. This is despite a Mainichi Newspaper poll showing that most locals agree that masks are pretty ineffective. In 2019, 162 people died of heat stroke according to the Japan Times. Combine that with a sweaty mask that is sticking to your face, you are basically torturing yourself. The American CIA would likely call it ‘waterboarding’ yourself with the cloth suffocating you.

Many locals still walking with masks on from The JR Underground Station in Nihobashi

The local government has asked people to take off their masks. Yet people continue to wear their masks as if they do anything. In our businesses, we saw two virus infections (in 2021 and 2022). We saw the first people to get sick wore their masks all day long and were both ‘vaccinated’ . Yet they were the first to get the flu. Our management team made the decision to make both injections and masks optional. Great decision.

Now with the world moving on, it’s time to tell our friends around Japan that they can TAKE OFF THE MASK. If the rest of the world has moved on, so can we. Can the locals overcome the peer pressure? Like everything, it’s starts with you showing them..

Time to take off that silly face mask! Besides, people will be able to hear you better when you use the cool CIRCLE app on your smartphone.

Enjoy your mask-free Summer! You can smell the flowers, the ocean, the rivers and enjoy outdoor life around Japan.

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