Three Things Companies Can Learn From World Cup Rugby

Three Things Companies Can Learn From World Cup Rugby

Rugby World Cup 2019

If you are in Japan, it’s very hard to miss the excitement for the Rugby World Cup. It has brought together teams from around the world to play this rough, but quite distinct sport. Japan is famous for baseball, the US probably has more interest in basketball, and Europe has it’s soccer, but rugby is clearly a sport demonstrating endurance and agility on the field that different with how physical this sport is.

For businesses, there is one thing that team at AINEO observed about this year’s Rugby World Cup. It is the sportsmanship. You may beat up each other on the field as you do your job of getting the ball downfield but you can have integrity. In general, the Rugby players have show professionalism and class. There are things that Rugby can teach business professionals. Three things we can learn from Rugby are-

  • If you break the rules, take the penalty like an adult.
  • If you wrong an individual in the process, make it right and apologize to the person you wronged before you leave the field.
  • Never criticize the other team. Always talk positive about others or don’t talk at all.

Classy coaches raise up classy players. This is a good reminder to those who manager people in business. What your people in your organization under you do, is a reflection of you. It’s great to be competitive, but remember what you do will ALWAYS come back to you. Do the right thing, and do it well.

We’ve enjoyed hosting the Rugby World Cup In Japan! Looking forward to the next World Cup! Just 4 more years!

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