The Power Of Recording Your Team Interactions (Phone Calls)

The Power Of Recording Your Team Interactions (Phone Calls)

Voice recording has been around for decades. Typically a securities firm or bank would want to record the phone/voice conversations on the dealing room floor. Organizations with customer service teams would also record the interactions with their CS representatives and their clients. What was the difference?

Financial firms needed voice recordings to verify the trade numbers if there was a discrepancy. CS teams (customer service) use voice recordings to also verify a transaction but more for training their team to take good care of clients and help resolve issues. For both contact (call) centers and financial firms recording is a must.

As Japan’s fastest growing cloud phone service in Japan, AINEO is keen to roll out new services for our partner clients. This will be a huge year for new features. AINEO has just announced the availability of CIRCLE VR (voice recording) for beta testing. With CIRCLE VR, organizations can record interactions between your people and the outside world. How do companies use VR (voice recording)?

Voice recording can be used for
1. verifying a transaction
2. measuring an individual’s or company’s true intentions through their voice
3. helping associates and team members to better service their clients
4. tracking business threats.
5. analytics on team players and clients

If you are looking for a better way to manage your business, sign up early for CIRCLE VR beta testing. Spaces are limited. Even if you don’t make the beta list, remember as a CIRCLE user you can always add on the option as soon as it becomes (GA) generally available in a few more weeks. Please contact us here. Capture your client interactions, take better care of people, and grow your business!

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