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Case Study: RGF Recruitment takes communications to the cloud with CIRCLE!

With Japan’s rapidly aging population, the private sector continues to have an insatiable appetite for hiring top-level skilled talent.  This trend shows no signs of abating.

Many headhunting agencies are seizing the opportunity of this demographic phenomenon and expanding in the Japan market. But like all sales-related professions, the recruitment industry is not immune to churn.

Constantly adding and removing seats can bog down internal IT staff.

Furthermore, if a company is outsourcing the configuration and maintenance of their PBX system, costs can spiral out of control quickly.

The good news is that any Recruitment Agency can reap the benefits of CIRCLE’s Cloud Telecom by throwing out their hardware and taking it to the cloud.


Every Cloud has Silver Lining


We’d been in contact with RGF for a time and they were initially on the fence about moving their phones to the cloud.

As it turned out, their PBX unit suddenly broke down and was no longer usable.

With Coms being the cornerstone of their business, they needed a timely solution that would be cost-effective in the long term.


  • The hardworking engineers at CIRCLE were able to assess the customer’s needs quickly and a cloud telecom system for nearly 200 users was installed smoothly over a weekend. They were up and running for business Monday morning.  This kind of insanely fast turn around would be impossible with an on-premise system.
  • After some initial training, their internal IT staff could access the Circle admin portal in order to make administrative changes and additions.  This is a key feature of our proprietary software, since the high turnover rate of recruiters means often adding/replacing users. Now their team only contacts our support regarding technically advanced situations.


  •  RGF’s Management team eventually began to look at upgrading their system for their Osaka Branch as well.  We suggested cutting off NTT and adding their Osaka office to  Circle.  Thereafter, their Tokyo-based IT staff could administer the system remotely.  They jumped on the idea and haven’t looked back since.
  • Lastly, they opted for an extra feature provided by CIRCLE especially for Sales-centric orgs: detailed call reporting.

→This gives management an easy way to view KPI stats:


  • Number of calls daily, weekly, & monthly.
  • Incoming/outgoing calls (internal and external)
  • answered/unanswered calls, redirected to vm/busy
  • avg. speed of answer, duration, etc.

 Please get in touch if you’re ready to move your business communications to the cloud! 

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