Morgan McKinley

Company name: Morgan McKinley, global professional services recruitment consultancy.

Morgan McKinley (MMK) is a distinct recruiting firm with very special culture. The MMK team in Tokyo shared some insights on the company in a recent interview. Mr. Lionel Kaidatzis, Managing Director of the growing firm’s operations in Japan shared some insights on recruiting, human resources, and the power of the Morgan McKinley Japan team.

Would you please tell us a few things about your company?
We are a global recruitment company founded in 1988. We started our business in Japan in 2004. We have 37 people in Tokyo, and approximately 900 globally. We operate across multiple industries and disciplines. We have 2 major business divisions:

  • financial services- we cover front office through to back office recruitment solutions
  • commerce/ industry – finance & accounting, IT, HR and sales & marketing

We cover contingency and retained assignments as well as have the capacity to provide contracting solutions to our customers.

What makes you MMK so distinct?
Our brand promise “Go Beyond” flows through every aspect of our business. We Go Beyond what is normally expected of a recruitment company, for our candidates, our clients and our people. Our success has been largely based on our discipline and sector focus combined with global reach. We offer the customer care of a boutique agency, but our sourcing and data management strategy gives clients access to global talent pools.

You mention “Go Beyond”, what does that mean to your customers?
For our candidates – our global Career Ally program provides the best lifetime candidate experience, throughout the career journey, rather than just the next placement. . In 2015, we launched our Career Partner Hub – a candidate microsite and e-learning platform that is available free to professionals regardless of whether or not they are actively looking for a new job, to help them progress their career.

For Our Clients – we source and profile the best candidates, provide access to the best global talent. We have invested heavily in digital and data analytics and a CRM approach to help us more effectively serve our clients. This includes systematic mapping of the market in each of our specialist disciplines. We update the market with relevant information each month through all social media channels, webinars, blogs and our website. The result is we have engaged professional communities through the use of innovative and informative market intelligence, career guidance and events.

For employees: We provide continuous professional development and broaden horizons. We offer outstanding training through a learning culture and a transparent and defined career management and leadership programme called Career Pathways. Our CSR program engages our people on issues that matter to them and using their particular skills.

What Are Some Of The Common Problems You See In Recruiting and HR Businesses In Japan?
Lack of communications is one of the biggest problems we see amongst the recruiting firms. MMK doesn’t have this issue. We make an extra effort to keep in contact with both our candidates and our clients as our management team personally talks to both regularly.

For iPBX Hosting

Morgan McKinley is now using iPBX Hosting for your phones. What were things like before you chose to use iPBX?
As you have heard, frequent and clear communications are important to us. We started with a local cloud phone service provider. The service was devoid of features, we couldn’t move the phones from one desk to another without paying to have someone come do it, and me had limits to the number of inbound and outbound calls our team could make at once.

An international provider from Europe offered that we go to their service. We trialed the service and we had voice quality issues, the system went down every 6 months for at least 20 minutes, their was a lot of echoing, and they couldn’t even get the basic features to work well (such as holding a call even).

How have things changed since you moved to iPBX Hosting?
All the trouble we had with the local as well as the EU based company disappeared. IPBX team people didn’t just come throw in a system. This showed that bright, quick, and flexible mantra they have and came in and listened to what we needed. They even worked hard testing our existing equipment on their phone service so we saved a lot of money not having to buy new phones.

How is everything post install?
There is no more phone trouble for us. When we have a question, need advice, or even just a change the IPBX people are extremely responsive. Now, we can focus on our business as the service is both reliable and cost-effective.

Incidentally, how did MMK find out about the iPBX Cloud Phone service?
That’s a great question. After the challenges we saw with the two other companies, we did a bit of research with our friends at other companies in businesses that were reliant on phones. We asked one company and they recommended iPBX as they were using AINEO. We asked another company and they also recommended iPBX. We concluded that there must be something there, tested iPBX and have never looked back.

We’d like to ask a fun question. If you’re a candidate looking for a job, what are some points of advice you would give?
That’s a great question. I could give you 90 points of things a candidate needs to do when interviewing for a job, but let me narrow it down to seven.

1. Have a CV that highlights you (no exaggeration)
2. Make sure you understand the organization you are meeting
3. Know the questions you want to ask before the meeting
4. Answer the question that is asked of you
5. Ask for feedback in meeting for next steps
6. Ensure that you follow up
7. Be on time to the meetings. That means exactly 5 minutes before the meeting is to start.

Finally, The future is bright for Morgan McKinley. What do you expect in the coming year with your firm?
We’ve got a fantastic team. We are growing and are looking for more space to expand our team. Our team will overflow out of this office into more space.

I sincerely hope that organizations and professionals who do not know our brand and work with us already will hear about what we are doing. Whether it is a successful recruitment solution for a client organisation or the next step in a professional’s career, service excellence is at the heart of everything that we do.

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