Company name: Spectrum Consulting Japan G.K., (JobsinJapan – employment website for foreigners in Japan)

While is not the largest employment resource for foreigners, it is very useful if you want to hire foreign staff in Japan. The site is very popular with employers in industries such as Eikaiwa, sales, Food & Beverage (Hotel and Restaurant workers), IT and sales.

A Lean, Mean, Recruiting Machine

Job seekers love the site as it has a wide variety of jobs, quick and easy to use on a smartphone, alert functions to get notified when that perfect job comes available and offers flexibility in how one applies for the positions.

Employers like the site due to the flexibility and reasonable prices. The cheapest job posting starts at 15,000 yen and includes everything to get your job opening promoted to a huge pool of foreign job seekers. Positions are promoted on social media and through a wide range of media partners (All jobs are promoted on Indeed as well.) These functions not found on any other job board we know of.

Our favorite function is the Application Questionnaire where your custom questionnaire is given to job seekers when they apply to your job. Employers often ask about experience, qualifications, visa status, language ability, etc. The answers to the questionnaire and weighted score is submitted with the Cover Letter and Resume. Just by looking at the score, you will know if you want to read the job seekers resume or not.

Spectrum Consulting Japan is a lean and flexible company. While they have a physical office near Tokyo station, you will be lucky to catch any of the staff there. Most work remotely; the CTO lives in the UK and the managing partner does not live in Tokyo. The entire team meets a couple times a year, and face-to-face meetings only happen when necessary. There is only one full-time staff and everyone else works part-time.

It is not that the team does not get along well. Quite the contrary, they get along very well…..maybe because there are no office politics, the goals & responsibilities are clear and we trust our staff. They will ask a co-worker to have a meeting if they need help with something. Some may miss the personal relationships of a traditional company, but we have productive relationships with each other.

To Meeting or Not to Meeting..

In the beginning, we tried having weekly team meetings with out Tokyo staff, which is customary in most companies. However it was obvious that we were just having meetings for the sake of having meetings… Plus it was impossible getting everyone together at the same time (company is mostly part-time and freelance workers). We were just going over information that was already shared with the team via email or information that was not pertinent to the person’s job. Then distractions happen during the meetings causing everyone to wait prolonging these meetings even more.

I calculated the cost of the meeting by counting the people and meeting time. So we had the cost of the meeting in lost productivity, not including how much more work could have been done if we did not have the meeting.

Chat & Collab on the Go

The staff uses iPBX Circle to communicate with each other and all employees have a softphone on their computer and/or smartphone. This allows them to make or take calls from clients or users at any location. The freedom that it gives us is fantastic.

When one of our staff had to go back to America for a while for personal reasons, he was able to use his iPBX phone on his computer, with the normal company “Tokyo 03” telephone number. His clients had no idea that he was halfway around the world and his clients called him as normal. The only thing that was disrupted was his sleep patterns.

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