Benchmark Japan

Company name: Benchmark Japan

Benchmark brings simplicity to the concept of email marketing, easily being able to create HTML mails, open e-mail messages and track which links were opened, and even do AB tests.

Benchmark Email began offering its services in the United states, as there are currently 11 offices overseas. Benchmark Email is the only company that provides global e-mail marketing tools globally. They provide services in a localized way according to each country. We were able to meet with the country manager, and understand how iPBX Hosting was able to enrich their business in Japan.

Please tell us about e-mail marketing in Japan
In 2012, we were able to start a Japanese corporation, as the mail distribution system became mainstream in Japan. As a result, Benchmark Email was the only company to provide tools to maximize the effectiveness of e-mails, as well as e-mail delivery at that time. However, as recent changes within the Japanese work environments with everyone owning a smartphone, HTML mail has become mainstream.

What do you think is in the future for e-mail marketing?
It is always said that Japan is always two – three years behind the United States, and now that the United States is in the process of automation within e-mail marketing, I think that can be seen in the future of Japan. For example, you can set which scenario the customer wants to click on the link in the e-mail, to match the likeliness of the customer.

Why did you decide to purchase iPBX Hositng?
The quality of voice with iPBX Hosting is very high. When we were using phones prior to choosing iPBX, we had many troubles with the quality, and became aggravated by the troubles that we were having through this, and through the demo decided that iPBX Hosting was indeed a high quality brand that we wanted to put our trust in. Through the Softphone app, we are able to phone calls with superior quality even while overseas, even being able to use the transfer settings with no problems.

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