AOBA International School

Company name: Aoba International School


Case Study: Aoba International School scales up their operations by moving their phone system to the cloud with CIRCLE!

A-JIS is an accredited educational institution serving the Tokyo metro for nearly 5 decades. They offer a unique approach to learning by inspiring young people to become global leaders, entrepreneurs, problem solvers, and critical thinkers.  While Japanese society places a huge emphasis on education,  public institutions offer a Japan-centric set of core values.  Furthermore, public schools with bilingual programs are rare outside of Minato-ku.

The expatriate population is continually increasing  and thus half-Japanese  and non-Japanese children are becoming all the more common.   As a result, there’s significant demand for “East meets West” styled curriculum. It’s no wonder why international schools throughout the region are bustling.  Schools are expected to offer more with less money and they can deliver by choosing smart tech solutions. Here’s why they chose CIRCLE:

“The Circle Team assisted our school group in upgrading from legacy on-premise VoIP infrastructure. We now have a truly scalable, cloud hosted system that reflects the flexible, technology integrated approach our organization applies to education delivery. What’s more, thanks to Circle we were well-positioned for a seamless and rapid transition to 100% WFH in response to COVID-19.”  – Chasen Stahl, IT Director


3 Reasons for Using Cloud Tech on and off Campus


  • Firstly, the CIRCLE mobile app is designed to accommodate remote work plans and BCP. This transition went fantastic as seen above.
    • With the bilingual IVR, outside callers reach the departments and people they need no matter if they’re WFH or on campus.
  • Secondly, Aoba has multiple campuses throughout Tokyo. With CIRCLE they can now make internal calls to ANY campus on the network for free. This is simply not possible with POTS (plain old telephone service)
  • Finally, Internal IT staff are able to edit and change various settings to the system in-house using the CIRCLE Admin portal.

 Please get in touch if you’re ready to upgrade your system and move your communications to the cloud!

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