Company name: ANS K.K.

ANS Corporation initially began construction of communication, yet have started focusing upon wiring LAN such as electrical construction, Wi-Fi, line switching, business phones, IP phones.

Their strength lies in the ability to conduct communication work and electrical work at one point nationwide. Due tot heir partnership with 350 companies nationwide, there is no need for a transportation fee or an accommodation fee.

Reduction of calling cost — Between base stations, Free of Charge!

The Reasons Why they Chose iPBX Hosting
Since we have partners nationwide, we were concerned about the telephone charges with distant hubs. In particular, there were many interactions with Fukuoka, and in some cases it was difficult to exchange over e-mails. I was looking for ways to reduce telecommunication fees. As I learned that iPBX Hosting is a cloud phone used through the Internet, I became very attracted to the concept, as it freed us of extensions.

Also, I would often visit Hong Kong for business trips, and the calling fee for international calls were immensely high. I tried using the iPBX service phone and connected the LAN cable, and found that the sound quality was very clear and good as well. I am very content with this service.

The Convenience of iPBX Hosting
Because there were plenty of calls with the base in Fukuoka, a lot of calling charges had been applied until now but thanks to the iPBX Hosting, the extension became free, so it became possible to make a call without worrying about the charge. It was very helpful and assuring to know that the calls that I was having were free of charge.

Future Applications
I hope to make mobility while cooperating with other companies in the future. The partner construction company has many small people, basically having no one in the office. So, having them use mobility of iPBX Hosting makes it possible to receive calls anywhere and calls are also internalized so I did not even have to worry about the charges of the phone calls.

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