Internet Service Provider Bundles

CIRCLE Cloud Communications services are built on geo-redundant systems that will never fail, stop, or be affected by fire, accidents, or natural disasters.

The cloud phone and communications service is delivered globally via the internet. CIRCLE partner clients occasionally call thinking that there is an issue with their service only to discover there are issues with their Internet Service Provider (ISP).

Starting in 2015, the CIRCLE Cloud Communications (previously known as “iPBX Hosting”) team began offering bundled ISP services.
With Bundled ISP, CIRCLE partners have internet services that:

• Give open and unthrottled internet access
• Give consistent internet bandwidth
• Provide a single, cost-effective invoice with both ISP and cloud service provider applications all in one place
• Provide rapid response assistance to any questions

For CIRCLE certified ISPs or to inquire about Bundled ISP, contact us here. The bright, quick, and flexible CIRCLE team are always happy to help.

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