CIRCLE Carrier Services – Get Connected

Installing, maintaining, and expanding PBX phone systems is something that AINEO Networks and the CIRCLE team have been doing since 1997.

Although we have invested heavily in the cloud to better support our clients and sales partners with the CIRCLE Cloud Communications service, we have observed that some companies are still installing PBX systems. As a result, CIRCLE started a carrier service division to support traditional on-premises telephone lines.

With CIRCLE Carrier services you can order:

• Analog trunks
• ISDN (T1 PRI and BRI)
• SIP trunks and channels

Using CIRCLE Carrier services gives your organization the best possible service at a great price. In addition, our trunking is a part of the CIRCLE datacenter network that gives your organization a future path to the cloud.

For more information, contact CIRCLE Cloud Communications or a local sales partner here.

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