SNOM Debuts New IP Phones, Testing Underway


SNOM Debuts New IP Phones, Testing Underway

We’ve just received brand new phone models (D785, D735) from German-based SNOM, which has been designing quality VoIP phones for over 20 years. SNOM phones are the go-to brand most often selected by customers of iPBX Hosting.

Up until recently SNOMS only came in “black,” reminiscent of Henry Ford’s quote about the model T.  At first glance, I was unsure of the white color. But after some closer inspection, I noticed the sheen of the casing material is neither overly bright nor glossy. Rather, it features a durable matte-like surface which is both visually appealing and practical. These phones don’t look cheap or gimmicky at all – they seems to exude confidence all while being packed full of features to back it up.

Next, I noticed that although the (D315) uses a basic monochrome LCD, the new models are equipped with a high-resolution color TFT, which looks much more high-end.

The buttons as well feel contemporary since they’re semi-flush and don’t protrude out like buttons on some other models.  These could be a great option for anyone tired of Japanese-style phone design.

Currently, these new models are under performance evaluation by our tech division.  Upon completion we will add them to our product roster so stay tuned!

D785 Promo Video


·         High-resolution colour display

·         USB port

·         Bluetooth connectivity

·         Elegant design

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