Skype for Business Online and cloud PBX

Skype for Business Online and cloud PBX

The general opinion going around is that Microsoft’s Office365 is pretty good. It seems that it is especially popular in Japan. However, as a result there is a problem.

It seems that the old Lync server, now called Skype for Business Online, has options including:

-Presence sensing

-Instant Messaging

-Online Conferencing


-Voice Recording

Using these services requires, as a basis, a PBX.

What this means is that when using Office’s software, you have to start with what you have in the office as it becomes converted to the cloud, leaving just the PBX in its same old state. For Office365 and Skype for Business Online, it makes them very well suited.

To those considering moving their Office software use to the cloud. Why not move your PBX to the cloud as well? By moving you can organize your office better, save costs, and make your system more efficient. Many good things will happen. So why not consider it today?

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