Setting Up Meetings- Make Your Client Feel Like A Client

Setting Up Meetings- Make Your Client Feel Like A Client

Recently, a couple of foreign sales people contacted some of iPBX managers to arrange unsolicited meetings to promote their services.  Typically, if you want to sell something, it’s your responsibility to show the potential customer why they need your product or service.

The two different sales people sent links to their schedule online asking us to select a time to meet with them.  This may seem to be a millennial youth practice to put yourself before your customer, but both gentlemen were not young.  One was using to solicit a meeting and the other salesperson was using  Interesting services for a boss to give people to request time, but definitely not something to push on your client.

If you want to make a client feel like a client you must remember

  • You are asking the potential client to make time for you
  • You need permission from them to book THEIR time
  • Make it effortless and easy for them
  • The first meeting and first impressions will determine whether they want to talk with you again

Outlook, Zimbra, Gsuite all have good interconnection for sending meeting requests and confirming meetings.  It’s okay to use these tools, however we must never forget the human factor.  People won’t do major purchases with a robot unless they have to.  They will not like it (ie. Microsoft software sales).  Never forget you are the sales person and having others share their time with you is an honor.

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