CIRCLE Voice Recording (CVR)

With CIRCLE Voice Recording (CVR), partner clients can record interactions with their clients, customers, and suppliers providing indisputable details for transactions as well as performance training.

Why do you need CIRCLE Voice Recording?

  • Need better customer interactions?
  • Want to promote best practices?
  • Need to anticipate customer needs?
  • Want to protect your business from liability risks?
  • Need regulatory compliance?
  • Need a flexible service that grows with your business?


All CIRCLE users have access to CVR add-on. These recordings can be used for training players on the team how to better service clients as well as evidence for what actually was said and agreed to on a call. CVR protects a company from debates or disputes about what was actually agreed. In addition, the customer service team and consultants will appreciate the chance to get their coaches’ advice on past interaction nearly immediately following a communication.


CVR is a powerful evaluation and training tool.



Records all inbound and outbound calls of licensed users (With Caller ID)
Use for both group phone numbers as well as individuals
Record, playback, store, download and email via secure CVR portal
6 months of storage/25GB Secure Cloud Storage for each organization
PCI Compliant (Coming Soon!)
Search through call data for key times, dates, and extensions
GDPR Compliant Technology
Optional extension of retention times

CVR Benefits


Automatic recording

of inbound and

outbound calls


Limit risk

and uphold

regulatory standards


Securely access

recordings from

the cloud portal



common clients trends

and issues


Increase and adjust retention

of Japan’s most secure

cloud communication service provider

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