Secure & Encrypted Email- Review

Secure & Encrypted Email- Review

Let’s face it, email is not secure.  Some cyber-security experts have described it as sending a post card.   When you send an email, the message is plain text so anyone in between can read the message.

If you use a free mail service like, or something else, privacy is really an issue.  Google’s gmail actually scans every word in your email.  They received countless requests from the US and other governments to read users email.  Rumor has it that allow you to delete email but never actually deletes your data from their systems.  Privacy is an issue.  In 2014, Andy Yen gave a TED Talk about privacy and email.  He used that venue to officially launch his encrypted email service,

The idea is that instead of just using a password and email to access your webmail, you have to actually have a second password that requires you to decrypt your email account each time you log in.  Only you should be able to access your emails and contacts.

Protronmail is a wonderful concept and has sparked other service providers to think more about user privacy and encryption.  With all the hoopla, the TRIBE Support team decided to give Protronmail a whirl.  Here are some of our findings.

Protronmail is indeed encrypted between users using the same Protronmail service.  However, email sent from outside services are going through the anti-spam gateways and may be readable

  • There is no calendar function
  • The service is said to be based in Switzerland datacenters but that doesn’t really insure privacy
  • Deleting, moving our copying large numbers of messages is unbearably slow
  • Protronmail is not enterprise grade as there are no collaboration features for sharing tasks, contacts, mail, or documents

Protronmail is a wonderful concept and working hard on privacy.  Unfortunately, the service is not ready for primetime based on our present experience.  It is slow and sluggish.  Making changes to your contents is tedious.  The claim is that Switzerland is somehow secure but Office 365 from Microsoft, Zimbra, and provide better tools for business and are based in various jurisdictions.  Google also has their G Suite business mail, but we don’t recommend giving more information to the profiling master than necessary.  They probably already know more about you than you think.  Using over would be wise.  Many have moved to as a replacement search engine recently.  For email, there are other encrypted mail services such as, (of Germany), or to name a few.  Like Protronmail, the ‘encrypted’ email services are a bit lacking on the UI (user interface or user experience). Protronmail say they have a calendar feature coming by year’s end.

For email, we’re a bit biased as we run BizMail at  Bizmail is based on the Zimbra platform and hard to beat for doing serious business and collaboration with your team.

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