Running A Debt-Free Business- The Story Of AINEO Networks

Running A Debt-Free Business- The Story Of AINEO Networks

Many companies borrow money to start up, others borrow money to grow (some in the form of an initial public offering or IPO). You will also see companies that borrow money just to pay the salaries of their players (employees). The business seems to become a constant back and forth with the bankers. AINEO does business a different way because we’re in it for the long run.

If you believe in something, you’ll spend time and money on it.

At AINEO, we started our first cloud service in 2006 called (we have since rolled it into CIRCLE). We were told that it was important to have good standing with the banks, so we borrowed money to set up our first data center and servers. It was a lot of money, but we didn’t really need to borrow any cash. We paid off the loan and haven’t taken money again. We see borrowing money as a risk that unnecessarily brings people who know nothing about your service (the bankers) into your daily work. If you believe in something you’re going to spend your time and money on it.

Now, as we approach 23 years in business AINEO has Japan’s fastest growing cloud communications business for voice (phones), video, and chat. We call the service CIRCLE, as you can collaborate and communicate with your customers and teams. There is nothing as robust, redundant, and secure in North Asia (Japan, Korea, or China). Every day, CIRCLE onboards new organizations that see the value of putting their desk phones, soft phones, and mobile apps into the cloud giving them business continuity planning BCP they could only have dreamed up.

  • AINEO is a debt-free, privately held, business founded in 1997
  • The current team players (>20 players) are paid from the services we provide our partner clients each month
  • We service thousands of users from our data centers in Osaka, Nagoya, and Tokyo.
  • Our main bank was Tokyo Mitsubishi UFJ for 20+ years. In 2018, awarded its business to Resona Bank as their team has been quick and responsive similar to the BQF culture at AINEO.
  • The founder of the company is SP Wolf who is still very involved in the business
  • The company is lead by a leadership team that meets weekly to discuss the CIRCLE platform; technology, the team, and how to better help our partner clients in their businesses.
  • AINEO has been approached several times by companies looking to acquire the business.
  • AINEO is looking to acquire, not sell our business. AINEO will acquire other complimentary technologies.
  • The leadership team is bulking up AINEO to support hundreds of thousands of organizations.
  • AINEO has no debt, no loans, no outstanding financial commitments other than investing in enhancing CIRCLE. We are debt-free!

Making Good Business Decisions
The services we select to support our daily businesses are tantamount. if a company providing core services to our team is constantly changing their offerings and technologies, we believe it shows lack of vision.

As technologies have changed AINEO has worked hard to give our partners who have committed their business communications to us, seamless consistent support. We believe in the law of sowing and reaping. What you do for others is what others will do for you. If companies remember this, the economy of any nation will become unstoppable.

The team at AINEO looks forward to seeing you on CIRCLE soon! Drop us a line here.

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