Ready to Telework? Get your home office up and running. How to efficiently telework (Part 1)

Ready to Telework? Get your home office up and running. How to efficiently telework (Part 1)

For those of you who are new to WFH, (working-from-home) here are some tips:

Analyze your Environment

To get your work done properly at home you may need to re-think the layout of your home.  Move stuff around and be efficient.  Working from a laptop while sitting on the floor or your bed is NOT going to cut it. You’ll be cramped and get tired easily.  You also may struggle with noise pollution from your surroundings. This includes cars, neighbors, and of course children!  Pick a quiet corner where you can concentrate if at all possible. My kids get the living room and I’ve set up in the bedroom.  If they’re capable of understanding, set the expectation (or lock) so they’re not barging in all the time. A noise-canceling headset may also be a wise investment.


If you don’t have a desk already, take some measurements and figure out how much space you can devote to building your new WFH “office.”  Once you have your dimensions, check out amazon, Nitori, Rakuten, etc and make your purchase.  We recommend a desk that has enough space for your computer and room to write notes. Next, you need a decent chair. I saw a pile of chairs in a dumpster by the plumbing business next to my house and asked the manager if I could have one. He gave me a weird look but said OK→ its made of vinyl (not cloth) and in great condition!  Sometimes good things come to those who ask!

Net Infrastructure

A LAN Cable from your router to your machine should give you the best possible connection (provided you have good cabling and fast ISP)  If you are on wifi with an inadequate signal this can of course make it hard to smoothly conduct web meetings and take calls from customers using VoIP.  Also, if you are tethering from a mobile device some mobile providers may throttle the speed thus negatively affecting your voice/video experience. Do some testing with team-mates and do your trouble-shooting before you “go-live” otherwise you may find out the hard way that your infra is lacking.

Equipment / Software

You might be using the company laptop or possibly your personal machine. Its always better to separate customer info on a “work-only” machine for obvious reasons including not being distracted by social media and for security. If you are running an old PC with an outdated OS you’ll want to update that right away to get the latest patches and security updates. An outdated OS can be an easy target for malicious actors. You may also be thinking about which platform to use for voice video and chat. Zoom is popular but has been struggling with hacking incidents as of late. 

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