PBX of replacement

PBX of replacement

To those who are considering replacing their PBX–What if you could use your phone easier than with PBX, make free calls between desk phones and smartphones, and make conferencing calls? You can, and this can be done by implementing our cloud PBX service, which can be done without replacing your old PBX.

Many customers are currently reconsidering their office set up. This is just a part of the evolution of our tech world.

To be able to use the phone is obvious, but the question is for what purpose the phone is being used. For example, to strengthen their CRM (Customer Realization Management), which systemizes sales and support for customers, business wise in turn allows them to organize phone conferences, share address books, and schedules, and mail systems.

The goal of a company is to make money through their business. To do that, you can’t do it with just a phone system , which is the bare minimum part of infrastructure. And if that system is stuck in the old PBX system, it becomes even more useless. Even replacing the system, you can only use it for about 6 to 7 years. Imagine 7 years from now, will you still be using the same old PBX system?

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