Osaka iPBX Cloud Phone Service Starting 4 April!

Osaka iPBX Cloud Phone Service Starting 4 April!


We had requests for months to have Osaka’s phone numbers and area code, the famous “06” area of Japan. Of course, at iPBX we love Osaka because the people are so outgoing and friendly, the city is pretty, and the food is probably some of Japan’s best cuisine.

Many famous companies come out of Osaka, Sumitomo, Sharp, Panasonic, Kintetsu, Kubota, Nippon Sheet Glass, Nomura, Onkyo, Rolland, Yanmar, and many many others. Many famous people also come out of Osaka as well. If you’ve spent any time watching Japanese TV, you’ll notice many people on television with the distinct Osaka or “Kansai” accent.

We’re excited about being able to offer Japan’s best cloud PBX phone service to the people of one of Japan’s most dynamic areas.

Osaka, welcome to iPBX! For those of you in Tokyo, you can get your own 06 number today, please drop us a line and don’t miss the Kansai opportunities.

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