Slack’s Success Opened The Team Communication Market And iPBX Circle

Slack’s Success Opened The Team Communication Market And iPBX Circle

Email has become the go to replacement of letter writing and sending faxes.  It is something that anyone can use to talk to someone else on any platform.  Email is a one-way communication stream that we have been using to report, buy, confirm, communicate for both business and personal usage.  However, things are changing.  Slack, a start up originally founded to deliver game software, discovered that people needed a better way to collaborate with others besides email.  Slack been a popular communication platform in some industries in some countries.

In an interview with Slack co-founder and CTO, Cal Henderson, we got some insights as to where communications are going.  Email was one way but not really designed for teams.  Workflow management platforms like Slack, helped people take on working together in a whole new light.  Communications have become channel (or theme) based.  That channel base has made communications more transparent between players on the team.

In iPBX Circle, we not only give provide the phone service that everyone needs based on the cloud.  Many people predict that Slack will not be a company that is around in a few years for good cause.  Despite various cloud app integrations, they are a stand alone business model.

We are thankful for the idea that Slack gave us to give companies the ability to chat, share files, collaborate on projects, and have nearly limitless video conferencing on any device with internet and a camera.

It is no longer about just making phone calls, but it is very powerful to integrate chat, docs, video, and other items in your organization.

Try out iPBX Circle, the best way to work together!

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