One For all, and all for One! How Can I Stay In Business Sync?

One For all, and all for One! How Can I Stay In Business Sync?

Around the world, there are thousands of providers of phone services.  For business, the cloud PBX is that system that allows you to hold, transfer, conference, and collaborate with your teammates without buying hardware or software for your office.

CIRCLE Cloud Communications is Japan’s fastest growing cloud communications service with voice, video, and chat services nationwide.  Recently in Osaka the CEO of a famous managed IT services company asked a for a demonstration.  He was used to seeing companies offering phone services based on open source or freeware in both Tokyo and Osaka.  
Open source is wonderful, with multiple services around Japan and hundreds of virtual machines, we are strong supporters of freeware.  However, when you talk business, you must make sure whatever you are using is constantly secured and updated.  Open source is community software that can sometimes be like Swiss cheese, filled with many holes.  The technology CEO was used to seeing how you can connect using any device and any software.  That was the strength but again, that was also the weakness.  
Blown AWAY!

  • What blew this tech boss away was the demo.  He says how people on CIRCLE have a total synchronization of their communications.
  • The chat you did on your iPad shows up on your desktop, windows, or smartphone
  • One app on all devices gives the same robust experience that is easy to use and run
  • A phone call on the mobile app can be flicked to a PC/Mac soft phone, or desk phone in one click
  • Who you called on your desk phone is recorded in your call history on your CIRCLE soft phone and mobile app

The CEO was expected to see yet another free-ware type of service but was blown away by the design and ease of helping his company teams collaborate better.  It’s not pick any app you like and hope that you can keep your work in sync.  It just all works! This boss was not the only c-level to be impressed by CIRCLE.  Check out the experience of huge filtration company here.

Just like the famous story of the three musketeers, One for all, and all for one (meaning we work together as a team) becomes
One APP for ALL devices, and all for one!  Need to collaborate better with your team?  Contact a CIRCLE sales partner for a trial here.


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