[ NEWS ] A Blossoming Fax Service

[ NEWS ] A Blossoming Fax Service


At AINEO, we’ve been very busy with phones. In 2017 we celebrate 20 years of helping organizations communicate with their customers, suppliers, and partners. One part of communications that is often neglected is fax. Fax machines have been around and heavily used since the 1990s but the original invention was actually patented in 1843 by Scottish inventor Alexander Bain. Various type of fax transmissions were done by AT&T, RCA, and others but Xerox introduced the first commercialized fax in 1964.

Having a fax number on your business card in the 1990s or 2000s might have been a must, but we have been seeing fewer people care about having a fax number to be contacted on by their clients. As Japan’s strongest phone company, behind the number one monopoly, AINEO and the iPBX Hosting team have been very focused on phone service, call centers, and other high volume call environments.

iPBX has been doubling and tripling in size because companies love our bright, quick, and flexible (BQF) service that is supported by the same type of BQF service teams. AINEO built Japan’s most reliable and flexible cloud based phone service, but what we didn’t expect was the volume of faxes.

Fax Messages Overflowing

We build our services to be reliable, cost-effective, and unlimited. You can have a company of 1 user or 10,000 users. For fax users, we were not so robust. We did not expect the volumes of that are partner clients would use fax. Our customers drove our systems hard. Also, many clients were faxing to personal fax machines that were a little harder to interface with for our system. Seeing the need the TRIBE Support team @ AINEO expanded the service.

Doubled the Capacity

We worked hard to expand our capacity and are pleased to announce that as of March 1st, iPBX Fax is now double the system and we can handle even the home fax users more seamlessly.

Looking for Japan’s best fax service? You’ve come to the write place. We have plans for lite users as well as the hardcore fax businesses.

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