New Version of QuickFAX from November!

New Version of QuickFAX from November!

Since AINEO introduced CIRCLE Cloud in 2016, we’ve been running like wild horses to keep up with the demand.  We’ve focused on voice, video, and chat as our core.  But  repeatedly, we were asked to build a internet-based fax service.  Thanks to a great team, we were able to eventually help people with a fax service.  That was the beginning of QuickFAX.  


This year, with our QuickFAX systems capacity becoming sold out, we upgraded and expanded our service.  This month, we will be responding to another common request, our online menus.  On 30 October, we will be adding Japanese language to our service menus.  That means not only can you use the MFU (multi function unit- fax, copier, printer) in your office, you can send, receive and view from your web portal.

We’ve got Japan’s fastest growing cloud phone service.  With continued improvements, we believe QuickFAX will become Japan’s best internet fax service.  The AINEO team is excited about making it easier for our clients to support themselves anytime.


QuickFAX will be offline for approximately 30 minutes on 30 Oct at 1145PM.   Don’t forget to login to your account in November to see the cool new beta system and the new logo and branding!


Thanks for choosing CIRCLE!

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