Moving? Should I Buy A Phone System (PBX) Or Go With Cloud Phones?

Moving? Should I Buy A Phone System (PBX) Or Go With Cloud Phones?

The days of buying servers to store data in your office have come and gone. Everything has gone to the cloud with Office365, Zimbra, G-Suite, Dropbox, and internet-based services.  But what about your phone system for operations, sales, and customer service at the company? 

In Japan, many companies continue to sell phone systems.  They have a hard time changing their business model to match the times.  We still have NEC, Panasonic, Hitachi, Oki, Iwatsu, and a few others still promoting and selling systems to buy and install in your office.  The good news is, this era of buying a phone system (or a “PBX”) is over! 

You can buy a phone system and it is a large one-time cost.  In addition, you have to keep the system up to date (hardware and software), you have to pay for a telephone line, as well as usage.  The problem is it’s not so easy to  

• Integrate your phones with your CRM or ERP 

• Have a good app for phone and chat  

• Use BYOD for your sales team as people don’t want to care two mobile phones anymore 

• Have a robust and reliable system that never goes down 

The one drawback to the cloud is the fact that you pay a subscription for the amount of phone services that you use.   That cost continues for as long as you use the service.  The good news is that the cost includes what you need and if you use a good CSP (Cloud Service Provider) you are not locked into some particular cost.   

There are many Cloud Service Providers (CSPs) that sell phone service based on free-ware.  The problem is it is not scalable, it’s insecure, and not suited to companies needing legally compliant systems.  They seem to focus mostly on selling by being cheap.  Cheap is good but there is more. 

If you are thinking about moving, you can certainly consider a quotation from one of the local hardware providers, but your management will likely be elated if you use systems that are cloud-based and scalable.  

Moving is a perfect time to throw out the out-dated and give your team a new office and tools to do their job more effectively.   

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