Take Your Office anywhere

Your app is a tool for better communication within the office, with customers, and with us!


The CIRCLE Cloud Communications Mobile App is an enterprise level Unified Communications tool.

Features of the CIRCLE App: dial using a landline prefix, instant messaging, presence, file-sharing, task-lists, and much more!


Make your calls through

the mobile app from ANYWHERE.

You can still answer your calls if you’re connected to wifi.


Make group chats within your corporation.

Maximize communication, by using chat!

Nothing goes unmissed.

File/Photo/Contact Sharing

Need to access files?

Share them in chat,

and access them anytime.

Task List

Have a list of tasks to do?

Use a to-do list to keep track of

what needs to be done, & what has been done.


Tired of your phone ringing while your in a meeting?

While your on vacation?

You can set the call to be transferred, when your presence reads ‘busy.’

Voice recording

Coming soon…

Slide * To use the mobile app, an extension and at least 1 DID per organization (03, 050, 052, 06) is required.
*The basic charge of 2,500 yen (inc. 1 DID & 1 Voicemail), is not included in the plans below.
Basic ¥ 800/User Mobile App features: Call Hold・Transfer・Mute Chat Presence Switching Caller ID* Learn more
*Only those with 2 or more numbers will be able to change there caller ID from one number to the other, if enabled by their organization.
Popular Standard ¥ 1,500/User All basic plan features plus: Stream (group chats) To Do's Whiteboard Notes File/Photo/Contact Sharing Learn more Mobile App + PC Softphone ¥ 1,500/User All basic plan features plus: PC Softphone (No more desk phone!) 3 way audio conference
(only available on the PC softphone)

Normally 1,800 yen per user,
but 1,500 yen for a limited amount of time!
Learn more
Pricing Below are the options for CIRCLE's Mobile App
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