Microsoft Teams Coming To CIRCLE Cloud Comms!

Microsoft Teams Coming To CIRCLE Cloud Comms!

With changing work styles and working places, last year was a big change from what we all thought of as regular.  Despite installing thousands of VoIP phones in offices and homes for people’s work, we saw a much larger increase in professionals asking for activation of their phone numbers on their mobile apps and softphones.


Another growth area was Microsoft teams.  many companies accelerated their usage of teams for email, chat, and video.  Of course, you can do all that on the CIRCLE Cloud service without any big tech risk.  However, some companies were directed by head offices to use Microsoft teams.  In our market, unfortunately teams is somewhat clunky.  That’s where the good news comes in.


The team at AINEO will be rolling out MS Teams integrations.  CIRCLE partner clients can keep using their usual Osaka, Tokyo, Nagoya (regular phone numbers) with no disruption to their client connections.  Now with the CIRCLE Teams Connector, you can continue to enjoy the beauty of CIRCLE cloud as you use your Microsoft account.  


Things get easier when you can have everything in one place. This is how we reasoned at CIRCLE when we created our integration with Teams. An integration that, in the first step, will be released as a basic integration to bring PBX functionality into the collaboration tool and which has since been upgraded to expand more functionality and a user-friendly interface.


Interested in using the CIRCLE Teams Connector, drop us a line so you can give the beta a whirl!  You can call us at 03-4550-6800 or here 24 hours a day!


Better company communications start with CIRCLE.  


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