Major Japan Filtration System Company Move to CIRCLE

Major Japan Filtration System Company Move to CIRCLE

We hear a lot about the cloud.  Companies are installing fewer servers and less equipment in their offices.  In Japan, many talked about Google’s Gsuite and then Microsoft’s Office 365 offerings.  Good services and essential for business messaging.  However, smart firms in Japan are going to the cloud from their most important customer tool, their communications (video, video, and chat).

This month in Japan we’ve have seen major firms moving their corporate communications from expensive on premise equipment that is hard to keep up to date or get’s taken out of production, to geo-redundant cloud based systems.  One large Osaka-based global firm moved their staff in Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya, and about 10 offices scattered all around Japan to CIRCLE Cloud communications. Their offices have desk phones, the meeting rooms have conference phones, sales people have mobile apps, and factory floors have DECT cordless phones throughout the vast facilities.

The company is now 100 years in business (founded before 1920) but continues to innovate in their business as well as their technology.  The company has eliminated the struggling hardware vendors with the maintenance contracts, and the over abundance of telephone lines through their Japan facilities.  The goals of one of Japan’s leading filtration company were

  • Get rid of old on premise PBX style systems across Japan
  • Cut back number of phones laying around
  • Have better communication by talking via extension to any of their 150 employees around Japan.

Cutting costs and protecting their businesses was easy by moving their offices around Japan to one platform.  The company could continue to use their local office numbers but were interconnected on one national system that protected them from business interruptions and satisfied the BCP requirements.  Team members can take phone calls and send chats between each other.

Welcome to CIRCLE!  Japan’s fastest growing cloud communications service because it’s selected by smart companies big and small.

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