Keeping Your Kids Safe On The Internet

Keeping Your Kids Safe On The Internet

At iPBX Hosting, we are very reliant on our mobile phones.  Ok, we’ll just admit it, addicted to our smartphones.  There is good reason. The iPBX Mobile app comes in both Classic Mobile, as well as the Circle versions.  Circle gives you more than just phone service such as chat, video, and doc sharing.  AINEO team members always have their phones with them.  Of course, we do have some people that travel with IP phones in their suitcases, but most people just use one of the mobile apps.

The internet is fantastic because it allow people to use excellent services over this huge global network, but there are some negative points as well.  We’re not kids but many of our team have spouses and children in those marriages.  We all know that as a kid, we can be easily distracted.  There are kids that are growing up just looking for ‘likes’ on their picture or post in social media, or chatting via LINE or some other app into the wee hours of the morning.  How can parents better keep their kids focused and successful in growing up to be smart bright citizens and leaders?

How Can I Protect My Children On The Internet?

  1. Only let your child share a device with the family in the early years
  2. Keep computers and smartphones in shared areas such as living rooms or study areas at home.  Nothing in bedrooms.
  3. Don’t give your kid a personal device until as least high school
  4. Turn on parent controls for devices running iOS or Android
  5. Limit time on devices each day to 1 or 2 hours
  6. Check your child’s device from time to time to make sure you’re not getting the dark side of the internet on their displays
  7. Teach them to beware of virtual strangers
  8. Remind them that whatever they post on the net is there forever and cannot be erased.
  9. Refresh your children and yourself of the above guidelines ever few months.

There are many other things you can do.  For those kids not using smartphones or tablets, there are also software packages that you can use to protect your children from seeing internet trash in their browsers when they are doing research for that paper to write or picture they need.

At iPBX, we love computers and smartphones. We have thousands of people doing business on them every day.  But like anything, you have to be careful and consistent about using electronic tools safely and efficiently.

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