Number Porting – Keep your Phone Numbers

Moving office? Then you may have already considered porting your fixed-line number in Japan. (LNP)

When you change addresses or change numbers you may inevitably lose some relationships.  In Japan, this problem is compounded because incumbent Japanese carriers force people to change their phone numbers if the organization moves across one of the carrier’s arbitrary lines on the map, despite having the same city and area code.

With CIRCLE however, you can keep your number whether you move across the street, across your city, across Japan or even across the globe.

If you want to move your existing number to wherever you are going, we can transfer most phone numbers to our IP communications network.

Porting your number in Japan is hassle-free with CIRCLE.

* There are a few exceptions to the rules of number portability. Depending on where your number came from, what type of line you are using, and other variables, sometimes telephone numbers cannot be ported or transferred. However, even in those cases, the experienced team at CIRCLE Cloud Comms have other options to help you.

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