Japan’s Best Cloud Phone Provider Is Growing!

Japan’s Best Cloud Phone Provider Is Growing!

CIRCLE Cloud Comms Is Growing!

We would like to take a moment to say thank you to the thousands of people across Japan that are using CIRCLE for their communications with their employees and clients.  We have been providing Japan’s fastest growing cloud phone service since 2017 with internet-based phone, chat, video, fax and email

CIRCLE has been providing people unlimited access to their customers for many years now.  Recently, we’ve had some challenges as our users are increasing dramatically and the internet is becoming more of a challenging place to work.  In December our internal teams initiated projects to

  • Better secure our customers and make sure we’re always ready to fight the latest cyber issues.  Security is a daily practice.
  • Expand our CIRCLE data centers around Japan to accommodate the massive onboarding to our service and prepare for additional services and features.

We wanted to let you know of upcoming enhancements around Japan.  The majority of changes are in the background and will be invisible to people on the endpoints, however other changes will be obvious as you see cool new features and functionality added to your CIRCLE accounts.  We will continue to make sure that CIRCLE is always the fastest, most reliable and secure cloud service available to your team.  We are pleased to be working with you and are excited to roll out new feature sets

Thank you for selecting CIRCLE for your business!  More to come…

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