about iPBX mobile

about iPBX mobile

iPBX Hosting is pleased to announce general availability of iPBX Mobile. iPBX Mobile is the ability to get your landland on your mobile phone. iPMo will change your way of doing business and cut your operational costs.

What does that mean to your business?
Get your office phone calls on your smart phone (iPhone, Android, Windows Phone). Keep low rates when calling from your mobile phone just like you’re sitting at your desk from outside the office. Use one number for all your business with a phone number that never changes. Receive and access phone voicemails from your smartphone. Transfer incoming calls to your office team from wherever you are in the world, without expensive forwarding options. Conference your clients in Japan or around the world like you’re sitting at your deskphone. Control all inbound and outbound calls to your number Cut mobile phone costs by going IP!

For a limited time, iPBX Hosting is offering a introductory campaign to iPBX Mobile. You can migrate your business number to iPBX and even eliminate the PBX if you want to go completely smartphone with your team.

Give iPBX Mobile a shot today. It will change the way you do business, give you direct access to your team, and help you reduce operational expenses to boot!

Contact iPBX Hosting today and see if you qualify for a free trial!

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