iPBX Hosting- Telephone Rescue Team (TRT) Saving Your From The Old Phone System

iPBX Hosting- Telephone Rescue Team (TRT) Saving Your From The Old Phone System

iPBX Hosting – Telephone Rescue Team (TRT) Saving Your From The Old Phone System

It’s becoming a regular occurrence; companies have phone systems (PBX) that get dated and go down.  Smart businesses realize fixing or replacing an old telephone is just a waste of money.  They are going to have to do it again.  However, phones are a very important part of your business.  It’s how you make sales, service your clients, and grow your business.

AINEO’s Telephone Rescue Team or TRT has become very good at giving people an option.  Instead of spending money to repair or replace an old system, the TRT @ iPBX Hosting goes in and replaces the whole system with a cloud-based phone system.

Recently, a large Japanese company called AINEO on a Thursday night.  Their PBX architecture included a windows server.  They had not maintained the windows server or updated the system or hardware for several years.  That afternoon phones started dropping off and their sales people couldn’t contact clients.

Immediately, that night AINEO had a TRT assigned and worked quickly to replicate the current systems set up. As it would have been unwise replace the system on a Thursday night, the partner client waited until Friday night.

In the background the team at iPBX Hosting had engineering provisioned the new system on the could so the users could be up and running for the next week.  That Saturday, Deskphones were replaced on the desks and Softphones were installed on Windows and Mac with headsets.  When the users arrived after the three day weekend they received a welcome email to download, install, and activate the iPBX Circle Mobile app.

AINEO had a team at the site to help users get used to the new system doing multiple training sessions with Snom deskphones and an all hands demonstration of the softphone and mobile apps.

It was wonderful they had a three-day weekend to do transition.  Mission accomplished!  Great work to the TRT!  Great work to our partner client on their quick transition.

Is your system getting old?  Rather than call for a rescue, why not get your most important communications in the cloud now.  Contact us now.

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