Beta Testing of International Numbers in Effect

Beta Testing of International Numbers in Effect

iPBX Hosting is now Beta Testing International Numbers!

Currently we are actively testing USA numbers to further test the capabilities of our proprietary softphone and mobile apps. In the near future, we plan to add Australia and Singapore numbers to the roster.   

We are excited about this feature and so far the results of audio quality and speed have been surprisingly good. We called colleagues overseas and for both parties there was no noticeable echo, delay, or distortion whatsoever. The HD audio quality of our SNOM IP Phones probably didn’t hurt either.

Facilitating communication internationally is certainly easier and cheaper than it used to be.  

But if you’re using free apps, you’re likely painfully aware of quality issues. These issues arise especially if either party is connected to weak or unstable wifi.  Dropped calls with clients is embarrassing and seems unprofessional.

You may want to be wary of having your employees use Line and WhatsApp on a personal device to conduct business. As a Manager, you’re essentially blind as to their activity. With our platform you can opt for detailed call reporting to be able to see who’s calling who, when, and for how long- in addition to reviewing the data for calls answered, dropped, transferred etc. Call recording features are also coming soon(!) Something to consider.    

Regarding costs, why would you pay for both internet service and a landline when you can have your landline via the cloud?  If you are open to subscribing to a carrier-grade cloud service and have a dependable ISP, you get so much more for your money than dealing with POTS. (Plain Old Telephone Systems)      

However, it’s common for international numbers to show up on caller ID as “unknown” or “unavailable” and trust issues make it tough to do business.  We’re working hard to make those kinds of obstacles a thing of the past.  

Profound Possibilities 

-If you or your sales team travel abroad often for business trips, is your local Japan phone number going to be enough to facilitate your needs? It’s doubtful your global associates will want to default to Skype for business and the like. In this day and age convenience is king. 

-These days lots of companies are setting up a satellite office or new business in Japan. Wouldn’t it be nice to still have a number from your home country? That way your clients overseas can reach you without paying exorbitant international tolls to Telecom giants!  

We will post updates regarding our progress and hopefully add this to our impressive array of services later this year.

iPBX Hosting Beta Testing International Numbers     

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